A Michigan man claims to have a collection of proof that Bigfoot exists on his property.  The folk tale of the larger than human hairy being has been talked about throughout the years but never conclusively proven. Now, we may have solid proof that Sasquatch is real.

According to WNEM, Anthony Padilla says he has Sasquatch is living on his Midland County property.  Padilla told TV5 about his encounters with the legendary being.

"At first, I just thought it was a huge man in a Ghillie suit."

"So then, I look into his face, right dead in his eyes, and they were so red they looked like they were full of blood, like a man on his deathbed."

Throughout the years Padilla says he's tried to lure Bigfoot out by leaving him food in pizza boxes. The food is never there when he the Michigan man returns to check on it.  Padilla even says the elusive urban legend loves Mexican and Chinese food.  The collection of evidence presented from the Midland County resident is the footprints, broken tree branches, and droppings.

I have to really be honest, people are insane.  Bigfoot does not exist and people are just looking for attention.  Why hasn't Bigfoot died and his body been found?  Bigfoot junkies, please stop with the spread of the urban legend.