How is your internet service? Ours is so terrible, my wife and I can't work at the same time. It slows us both down so much we turn on each other like "Lord of the Flies."

We live in the sticks of Webberville and our options are RIDICULOUSLY limited. We have tried boosters and having the speed improved but EXTREMELY LIMITED OPTIONS. Nothing works and it's ruining our marriage!

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A while back, my wife told me about the Space X Starlink Satellite and thought we should look into it. I thought she was talking about the "Terminator" and Skynet. It was right after Elon Musk burned a joint on Joe Rogan and I thought he was Charlie Sheening... So, I told her to wait a few weeks for the Tiger Blood to burn out. Turns out, I should have jumped on the opportunity. A guy in up northern Michigan did.

Up north, Michigan is as dead as it gets. There are still some areas up there where the GPS just shrugs and tells you, good luck!

This guy had crappy internet like me and got to be a tester for the Starlink. The system actually has a snow melt option and works well in the winter. He said the bandwidth is great and the speed is impressive.

Starlink has a thousand satellites in orbit and just sent more up Monday but isn't cheap. The initial set up kit is around 500 bucks but the monthly bill currently is only 100 bucks.

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