I mentioned this yesterday in a post. I went to a restaurant this past Monday. A server brought a pen and a notebook to our table for us to write down our contact information. Pretty simple, name, phone number, date and time of visit. We all had no problem doing this, and went about our lunch. Under no circumstance at any moment, did we feel as if our freedom was being taken away.

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That being said, I know plenty of you that think that is the case. This step is for coronavirus tracing. If you come into contact with someone who tests positive, you will be notified. End of story. I have read so many ridiculous comments on social media from grown ass adults that claim they give fake names and numbers if they are asked to provide this information. WTF? Some of these names these 'so called adults' claim to give are references to sexual acts. So lame.

So for all of you freedom fighters - turns out bars and restaurants do not have to deny you service if you won't give your contact information. Of course it is encouraged, but not required. Here is an idea, if you don't want to give it - don't go out. Simple enough. You can review the order in its entirety here.

You do realize that your grocery store savings card has your information don't you? When you order to go food, you are asked for your name and number right? How about when making a hair appointment? You are most certainly asked for your name and number. Have you filled out a job application form lately? I would imagine you had to give your name and number. Crazy right?

Here is the topper, many years ago there was a giant book that was delivered free of charge to peoples homes. This book contained names, phone numbers, and even addresses of thousands and thousands of people. It was called a public phone book. Oh the horror.

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