Yesterday (Monday) we ended up getting a lot more snow in Michigan than what was expected, especially here in Genesee County. Thankfully the snow was super light which made shoveling a piece of cake.

Unfortunately, there is more snow on the way this week. However, this new blanket won't cover the entire state of Michigan. For those of us living in the Flint and Genesee County area, I think we're going to get lucky with this next snowfall.

The rest of the state won't be as lucky as us, especially for those living on the west side. According to MLive, In some spots, new accumulations between now and tomorrow could reach 4 to 6 inches or more. The biggest snow totals are expected just north of Whitehall, north of Ludington, and in coastal areas south of Holland.

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The lakeshore will get hit the hardest through Wednesday. This is nothing new for areas like Muskegon who already have 11 inches on the ground. It's kind of weird because this new snowfall hits 44 years to the day when they got pounded by 'The Great Blizzard of 78.' Well, to be fair, the entire state was crippled due to that storm but it was Muskegon that got hit the hardest. They got pummeled with 36 Inches which was on top of the 29 inches that was already on the ground.

Thankfully, this week's snowfall won't even come close to 'The Great Blizzard of 78.'

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