Michigan can get a bad rap from time to time, but a new ranking raises The Mitten above all the rest.

Thrillist recently put out an all encompassing ranking of the 50 states.  There was no single benchmark that the states were judged on, but more of an overall picture.

You should definitely take some time to look over the complete list here, but I couldn't agree more with a few of the points that they brought up.

Most importantly is that fact that Michigan is ranked number 1.  You read that right, Michigan was ranked as the best state in the U.S.  The many reasons include, The Great Lakes, our endless nature with the UP, and newly found identity as a craft beer haven.

Any Michigander will be happy to hear that Ohio was ranked 49th.  If it weren't for the futility of Florida, Ohio would have been dead last.

Honestly, everything between 40 and 20 is all just kind of a wash.  I mean what's the real difference between Iowa and Illinois anyway?

The most important fact is that Michigan is number one, and everyone else can suck it.

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