Buckling your seat belt is extremely important to stay safe, but not doing so this week could cost you some money.

The annual 'Click It or Ticket' campaign started Monday, May 20th and will run through June 2nd in Michigan. During that time, Michigan State Police, and other patrols will focus on finding drivers who are not buckled up. Not wearing your seat belt is not only unsafe, but it could be expensive as well. A ticket will cost you at least $65!

The good news is that Michigan is actually pretty good at buckling up. The average according to MSP is around 94% of Michiganders wearing their seat belts. The rest of the country is around 89%.

If the fear of a ticket is not enough to get you to buckle up, you should consider the safety benefits. According to the MSP, buckling up can reduce the risk of serious injury or death by 45%.

If you're wondering who should be wearing seat belts, anyone riding in the front seats should be buckled up. Passengers 15 or younger should be buckled up in any seat they are in.



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