You may not have realized, but this is National Severe Weather Week in Michigan, and the Michigan State Police want to make sure you have a plan in place.

Making sure that everyone has a plan in case of severe weather is the goal for the Michigan State Police.  That's why they will be conducting a statewide tornado drill at 1pm on Wednesday April 19th.

The drill is intended to make sure that everyone in Michigan has a solid plan in place to deal with the severe storms that roll through our state.  Everyone from state agencies, to everyday folks are encouraged to participate in the drill.

There is a chance that we may actually have some severe storms throughout Michigan on Wednesday, and if that happens, the drill will be postponed to Thursday, April 20th at 1pm.

Some of the tips that the Michigan State Police give when considering your plan are as follows.

  • Find the safest location on the lowest level of your home
  • Talk to everyone in your house about how you will communicate during a emergency
  • Have battery operated cell phone chargers, and lights in your emergency area
  • Sign up for weather emergency text alerts

You can head over to the severe storm section of the Michigan State Police site here to get more information about tornadoes here.


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