It's always impressive when someone can translate Hip Hop to the violin, but it's even more outstanding when they are self taught.

That's the case with these two sisters from Michigan, and the video that went viral of them covering 'In Da Club' from 50 Cent. Their mom, Jessica Hayes posted on her Facebook that she challenged her girls to learn the song by ear. She offered them $100 each if they could do it in 30 days, and judging by the video above, they earned the money.

Jessica posted an update to her original post that the girls were paid, and the money was long spent lol.

Musical talent is something most of us wish we had, but it's the hard work that musicians put in that makes the talent seem so effortless. The two were inspired by the hip hop violin work of Josh Viette.

Check out his 'In Da Club' version below.

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