The Super Blood Wolf Moon will be visible in Michigan this month, but some people think it marks the end of the world.

I don't subscribe to the end of the world theory, but it's amazing how much information there is online about what will happen.

Here are some actual facts about the Super Blood Wolf Moon that don't involve the apocalypse.

  • It's called a Super Blood Wolf Moon because it will be a total lunar eclipse making it a Blood Moon. It is the first full moon of the year, making it a wolf moon. Finally the moon is at its closest point to the earth at the time of the eclipse, making it a super moon. That's the recipe for a Super Blood Wolf Moon.
  • The eclipse will peak at 12:12am on January 21st. (note the number combos for later end of the world theories.
  • This will be the last total lunar eclipse that we will see in Michigan until May of 2021
  • You do not need any sort of eye protection to view a total lunar eclipse. In fact, you can even use a telescope to get a better look if you like.

Here is an eclipse timeline from so you know exactly what to expect. They have a ton of other information about the lunar eclipse you should check out as well.

Click For More Lunar Eclipse Information
Click For More Lunar Eclipse Information

I had intended on writing an entire section about the pending doom that some people think is coming with the Super Blood Wolf Moon . . . but there is literally too much to put in one story.

Check out the video below and decide if you should live the next 11 days like they are your last.

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