When it comes to urban legends, I am familiar with a few. For example, Friday the 13th is always unlucky. Or how about the one about gum staying in your stomach for 7 years if you swallow it? Don't forget about cracking your knuckles - it causes arthritis.

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One urban legend I was not familiar with (until now) is Hell's Bridge. According to Thrillist, Hell's Bridge is Michigan's creepiest urban legend. The tale involves an old preacher by the name of Elias Friske. Legend has it that he lured a group of children with false promises into the woods near what is now Algoma Township. Friske then killed the children one by one, and threw their lifeless bodies into Cedar Creek, before being caught by parents of the children.

Upon being caught, Elias Friske was hanged and prior to his death, he claimed to be possessed by demons. So where does Hell's Bridge come in? I'm glad you asked. The explanation is as follows,

In its current form, the bridge is a creaky, narrow metal footbridge in the middle of the woods, where those brave enough to cross at night claim to hear the voices and screams of children, and are sometimes greeted by a black figure with glowing eyes as they traverse it.

If you are interested in checking out Hell's Bridge in Rockford, Michigan, it will take you roughly two hours by car from Flint and just a little over 2 hours from the Lapeer area. My sister Tuesday lives in Grand Rapids, which is very close to Rockford. I wonder if she has ever been to Hell's Bridge? If not, I am going to ask her to go and give me a full report. Here's to hoping I do indeed here back from her once she crosses the bridge. Muahhhhh.

For more on Hell's Bridge, check out the video below. Happy Halloween.

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