MDOT has MiDrive up and running so you can see where the plows are, and what the roads look like before you ever leave your house.

We've had a really mild winter so far, but the snow on the ground this morning should be a solid reminder that we live in Michigan, and we get a lot of snow. The MiDrive system from MDot helps you plan your commute before you leave.

The process is pretty simple, and really helpful. Just go to the MiDrive interactive map here. The map lets you checkout what the roads actually look like with snow plow cameras, along with letting you know where the plows are at.

That way you can decide if the normal route to work is good based on if the plow has already been through that area. The map also includes a traffic grid that shows how fast or slow the traffic is moving.

Just open the map here, then use the icons on the top left corner to layer the types of things you want to see before leaving your house.

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