If you remember awhile ago, Mike Epps and Kevin Hart had a public spat over social media and it was declared a beef. Things seemed to had been settled but 'Friday After Next' actor gave details on his disdain towards the his fellow comedian. 

While on 'Sway in the Morning' radio show, Epps called Hart a squared compared to him. During the interview, the Indianapolis native revealed the social media presence of Hart gives a false reality to fans.

"The social media is a lie ... and these kids wanna be lied to. I started off in the business, and a lot of us are bitter because of this, me, Bill Bellamy, Chris Tucker, all of us, don't none of us have those kind of followers, cause guess what, that s--- wasn't around when we was coming up. Def Comedy Jam? Wasn't no d--- Twitter, wasn't no social media. But now, you can set it up where, guess what, I got all these people following me and I'm putting out a perception that I'm bigger than what I am. ... It's gonna take 30 movies to find out, guess what, you ain't got no f------ talent. But it's too late, I got 200 million dollars, I done tricked the s--- out of y'all. I got all this money, all these celebrity friends and I'm gone in the wind."

Mike Epps made some valid points about the perception on entertainers. I like both comedians but have tend to lean towards Hart in the battle of funny. After watching this interview, I have more respect for Epps. I do not fully agree with Epps but I do understand perception of the entertainers.

What are your thoughts on Epps interview? Do you look at both comedians in a different light?


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