Looks as if Montell Jordan will have to pay the IRS over $600k in back taxes.  The 90s singer will owe Uncle Sam money from as far back as 1999-2001.  The government tried to collect on their money back in 2004 but hasn't received a check yet. 

Montell Jordan has retired from performing the song 'This Is How We Do It' at the beginning of this year but may need to get back to work to pay off his debt.  No matter who you are, times are hard and money isn't easy to come by.  I think what is ironic about this situation is the use of Montell Jordan's song 'This Is How We Do It' in the Jackson Hewitt commercials promoting their tax services.  Maybe Jackson Hewitt could hook Montell Jordan up with some help.

The "This Is How We Do It" star owes Uncle Sam back taxes for the years 1999-2001. According to the Federal Tax Lien filed against Jordan, the government first filed a lien against him in 2004 -- but since he still hasn't paid up, they refiled it last month.

The IRS is looking for their money ASAP and if they don't get it, they can go after his property in court.

via Montell Jordan -- This Is How I Don't Pay My Taxes | TMZ.com.