7"4 is his name and he's the World's tallest rapper! He's actually pretty good too. He's got a nice singing voice too. He's got a few videos up on youtube to check out. What I wanna know is... Who's the best "Tall Rapper" of all time. When I mean tall I'm talking 6"6 and up!

Knowing the criteria let's see who makes the list...

1. Shaq - Can't forget about The Diesel. He's probably the World's 2nd tallest rapper at 7"1. He had a platinum album by the way.

2. Slim Thug- The North Houston repesenta' had some success in the mid 2k's. Him, Paul Wall, Mike Jones and Chamillionare put Houston back on the map.

3. Siklk The Shocker- Some people didn't really know that Silkk was 6"6! not too mention that Master P is

4. 7"4- I just found out about this guy, but I'm kind of diggin his music. Expect to hear more from him coming soon.

Montell Jordan (Honorable Mentions)

Snoop (6"4 close enough)