I can't be the only one noticing there seems to be quite a few Michigan Lottery winners lately.

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There was the story last month about Michigan resident Mark Clark hitting $4 million dollars, not once, but twice. Can you even imagine? How about the unidentified 57-year-old Michigan man who recently won $2 million dollars after a store clerk accidentally gave him the wrong scratch off ticket? Damn, I want that kind of luck.

But wait, there is more. Today I see a Fenton family hit on the Fantasy 5 game. Robert  and Susan Owens purchased their $100,000 winning ticket at Speedway on Owen Road. I have been in that Speedway, maybe I should have purchased a lottery ticket instead of cigarettes?

With all of these Michigan winners, I have had a little lotto fever myself. I bought a  Mega Millions ticket the other day, spoiler alert - I won nothing. That will not stop me from playing again though.

Maybe I should start playing scratch off tickets too. The only time I have a ticket to scratch is if someone gives me one as a gift. I hit for $200 bucks on a scratch off ticket once and thought that was pretty exciting. I can't imagine my reaction if I hit $2 million on a scratch off. Wait, yes I can- and it would involve tequila.

One thing I do know is you can't win, if you don't play. I am not giving up - I would make an excellent rich person. I bet you would too.

Congrats to all of the above Michigan winners.

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