Once upon a time, only the biggest of movies — your Star Warses, your Avengerses, your X-Mens: The Lasts Stands — got a series of “character posters” hyping each and every member of their casts. These days, it seems like almost every medium-to-large movie receives a half a dozen (or more!) posters. Even some recent arthouse films got character posters. Downton Abbey got character posters!

When the movie in question is an Avengers: Endgame or a Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, this sort of marketing tactic makes sense. These blockbusters have enormous casts full of recognizable stars and beloved characters; of course you should try to leverage each and every one of them. At some point though, when you’re giving posters to actors whose faces aren’t famous, or to characters no one has ever heard of before, the whole endeavor starts to feel a little silly.

Case in point: The 15 character posters below, all released in 2019, and all varying degrees of strange, surreal, confusing, and hilariously random. Fingers crossed we get a haggard David Harbour Red Guardian Black Widow character poster in 2020.

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