In an epic Throwback Thursday tweet, Michigan State Police model Super Troopers look-a-like uniforms and ask "Who wore it best?"

Michigan State Police are on their social media game with this post that has gone viral. Recreating the look of the fictional Vermont law enforcement team of misfits from the 2001 movie Super Troopers, these real-life state cops bring the awesome to Twitter. Commenters thought so too, with many giving props to the MSP:

  • This rocks!
  • That's awesome
  • MSP of course wore it better
  • That is just... Well... Awesome
  • That's incredible
  • Where is the syrup race this morning, boys?

The idea came at the end of a "No-Shave November" stunt when someone told the officers their mustaches made them look like the guys from Super Troopers. So, hit up Twitter and retweet to help the boys in blue look good.

h/t WZZM13

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