Flint MTA dropped some great news this week.

Flint MTA announced that they were going to extend an earlier an initiative to make sure people could get where they needed to be during the pandemic. Early on in the pandemic, after the MTA restarted service to residents, they announced that Sunday rides would be free. They also introduced a lower $2 ride fee for most of their weekly routes. This week the MTA announced that this would extend for a few more months.

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The move to extend these free and reduced services is a life saver for many people in Flint and Genesee County.

When the MTA was forced to suspend service due to the pandemic, there were a lot of people left without a way to get around. After service resumed, riders were faced with the financial issues caused by the pandemic, and many didn't think they'd be able afford a ride. That's when the MTA stepped up with their reduced ride program.

Flint MTA is one of the most involved organizations in our community. They are active with so many non profit organizations focused on making Flint and Genesee county a better place. That's why it's so cool to see them doing even more. It would be easy for a big company like MTA to just point to all of the local charitable work they do, and say that it's enough. Instead, the MTA made the choice to make sure that everyone in our area could afford a ride. Salute to the MTA for always supporting Flint and Genesee County.


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