This sounds like a Cialis or Viagra commercial gone completely wrong!

A 71 year old woman and a 54 year old man were caught naked, having sex in a parked car in Farmington Hills.

When the officer approached the vehicle, he noticed the Buick rocking gently and a major amount of condensation on the windows.

The only thing better than the police report itself is what the man said to the officer when he was questioned.  Check out the report.

When the man was asked what he was doing, he simply told the officer:

"I'm Fu#@ing This Chick!"

THIS CHICK?!  She is 71 years old, and he is calling her "This Chick".  It really does not make any sense until you see her mug shot.

That does look like the face of a grandma that you could refer to as "this chick".

The sad ending is that since both of their wrinkly behinds were naked in public, they were arrested and taken to jail.

But I hope that at some point during his booking, someone gave this man a high-five.

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