How do you get this wasted?! Seriously, you have a problem when you break into a strangers house, sleep on their couch, and then when you get confronted you claim its your house. Kids, let this be a lesson to never get "This is my house wasted"

Some people just can't get drunk without causing problems. Some people get wasted and fight, some want to make out with everyone, and some people just crash on strangers couches and refuse to leave.

That's exactly what happened when this couple found a random drunk girl crashed out on their couch. The argument went on for 6+ minutes before the homeowners finally found their 'Turn Brain On' switch and called the cops.

Next time I get drunk I'm totally breaking into someones house, sleeping on their couch, and when they confront me I'm going to say "This is my house. I copped this house."

Just kidding. I'm not an idiot who gets so wasted that they break into a house and claim it as their own.

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