Can't wait for the Nas' "The Lost Tapes: Vol. 2", but the set could lead to a battle with his label, Def Jam. Nas said he intends to release the project as part of a special-edition version of his next album, which is due out later this year.

He said:

"Because I kind of lost time, I really wanted to release the album in December. But I'm starting my next album. So I feel like I'll probably give The Lost Tapes as a deluxe, maybe, on the next album for free. I'm trying to figure that out now."

Nas blasted his label after the company delayed the release of "The Lost Tapes" project. The set is a collection of unreleased tracks from Nas.

Nas was also frustrated over what he called his label's "lack of activity surrounding the project."

Now, Nas isn't sure which label will release his next album. He said:

"It's not safe to say that it's gonna be on Def Jam. You know, news at 11. We coming with the information on that soon."