Two of the more iconic comic book characters have to a very rich secretive playboy, and a very nerdy high schooler who lives with his aunt, who struggles to pay rent. Bruce Wayne vs.Peter Parker or as we all know them Batman vs. Spider-Man is sure to be a epic battle.Both comic book characters are both extremely smart and agile, and have mastered several figthting styles.

But that is pretty much where their superhero similarities end.

Bruce Wayne has pretty much all the money in the world, and can literally buy any weapon that he wants, or pay someone to invent a weapon that can be thought of in our wildest imagination.

Spider-Man comes from a more humbled background and lives in a small house with his aunt as opposed to Wayne who has his own mansion.

But even though Peter Parker doesn't have the financial backing he does have superpowers that enhances his speed quickness, intelligence, and gives him the all important "Spidey Sense" that gives him a tingling sensation whenever trouble is around.

Who do you think will win?