NBA great Michael Jordan is building a $12 million home made for cigar smoking.  Everyone knew MJ loved cigars but not to the level of customizing his home for cigar smoking.  The dream home for MJ has taken three years to build and is almost done. 

MJ will be in moving the neighborhood of Tiger Woods which is inclosed by a privately own golf course.  The humidor mansion has state of the art home theater technology which sits on three acres.  The 11 bedroom home is ridiculously big spanning 28,000 square feet.

I use to enjoy cigars until I stopped smoking almost a year ago.  I could not imagine speeding $12 million on a house with customized cigar smoking technology.  However, I know if I could build my dream home it would include the following amenities:

  1.  Work out facility
  2.  Broadcast on the radio from home
  3.  Movie Theater
  4.  Large space to entertain guest
  5.  Small golf course.

If you had $12 million to spend on building a dream home, what five things would have to be in your home? [spotted at TMZ]