It really bothers me when people casually say that they have 'OCD' because they like to keep their house clean or they organize their music in iTunes.  Neil Hilborn wrote a poem that shows the hard truth about living with real 'OCD'.

The poem strikes a nerve with everyone as Neil exposes how hard it is to deal with relationships and love while living with 'OCD'.

The raw emotion that comes out, mixed with Neil showing the effects of his disorder, is beyond moving.  It truly shows how difficult life is when dealing with real 'OCD'.

So the next time you jokingly say something like, "Oh my gosh, sorry I'm late but I had to make sure that my socks were exactly the same . . . I'm so OCD sometimes!"

Please stop and slap yourself.

Hilborn says he wrote 'OCD' about two years ago and the woman he wrote it about has heard it. They got back together several times before he finally decided to end things for good.