The official 'Flint Town' trailer dropped for the Netflix special, and the reaction has been mixed to say the best.

The trailer for the 'Flint Town' trailer has drawn polarizing reactions online, and many would say that's exactly what Netflix was going for.

From an American dream to an American crisis, Netflix's new original documentary series, Flint Town - the story of Flint, Michigan through the eyes of the city's police department - explores the struggles of living in a constant state of emergency and the team of underdogs fighting against all odds to save the city.

Everyone seems to agree that the visuals of the documentary series are nothing short of spectacular. The disagreement starts when we actually start to talk about Flint.

One of the major points that I have always made to people that have never been to Flint is that it is NOT the battlefield that some would have you believe. It is a city of people trying hard every day to get through every day struggles.

True, Flint has been through more struggles than most cities. The part that most people leave out about Flint is the resiliency of the people that make up Flint. Just judging from the trailer, I am apt to think that Netflix fell into the "show the dramatic, violent stereotype of Flint" trap that most do.

I really hope that the docu-series takes time to focus on the actual people that live in Flint. The people that are actually living through the Flint Water Crisis. The very same people that will do whatever they can to help their neighbor. The people that have overcome such incredible adversity, and constantly get ignored by the national media.

I am personally trying not to judge the series before I watch it, but I feel like we've all been through this before.

After watching the trailer, what do you think about the project?

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