Leave it to Budweiser to get us all choked up.

Those Budweiser Clydesdales have been almost synonymous with the Super Bowl for as long as most can remember. Last year the beer giant skipped its traditional ads run and opted for something different for Super Bowl LV to the disappointment of many viewers. After a year away, the tradition is back and it's better than ever.

When I heard the "original" Budweiser style would once again be part of the big game, I couldn't wait to get a peek. Somehow I just knew that this year would be one of the best for the iconic ad, and I was right. The new commercial brings together a dog and a Clydesdale, and a message that couldn't be more timely.

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Just released last week on YouTube, the new ad is titled “A Clydesdale’s Journey” and honestly should be sponsored by Kleenex. It's a heart-tugging, tear-flowing, make you think about the message, kind of marketing masterpiece, but then again, isn't that what these moving Budweiser ads have been all about since 1983 when Anheuser-Busch started with the mini-movie ads during the big game.

The commercial, which is about a minute long follows along with the storyline of an injured Clydesdale and his journey back to recovery. Academy Award-winning filmmaker Chloé Zhao directed the new commercial that shows the determination to fight during the toughest times, and never give up, something that as a country we have truly faced over the past few years.

"We all fall down in life and the journey to healing is often painful, long and solitary," Zhao said in a statement to Reuters. "To tell a story of perseverance, hope and friendship through the lens of the beloved Clydesdales really resonated with me."

Of course, the unfailing support of the horse's faithful canine friend just solidifies that we all need support and love at our most trying and difficult times. As with most hard-hitting commercials, the ending culminates with the horse in a full-throttled gallop, and then the words, "In the home of brave, down never means out" appear on the screen reminding us all of the true red, white, and blue spirit we all have inside of us.

Take a look at the full commercial below, and watch for it on Sunday during Super Bowl LVI.


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