The trailer for Eminem's upcoming documentary 'Marshall From Detroit' dropped today before it debut's at Sundance Film Festival.

Eminem is getting a little heavier into the movie game lately. He dropped 'Bodied' late last year, and rolled right into development of Marshall From Detroit. The documentary was put together by Felix & Paul Studios, who specialize in 3D 360 degree films.

The YouTube description is short and to the point.

Growing up, Marshall Mathers dreamed of rapping his way out of Detroit. Years and fortunes later, he still hasn’t left. The new trailer for MARSHALL FROM DETROIT is here.

Paul Raphael talked to Variety about the upcoming movie, and gave a bit more insight as to what the project is all about.

Our studio has a history of using technology to tell stories in new, more immersive ways, to create experiences that are at the convergence of the intimate and the extraordinary. Marshall From Detroit’ is a sparkling expression of that, inviting you on a surreal ride through Detroit with Eminem himself.

The documentary is less than a half hour long, and takes place primarily in the back seat of a car driving through Detroit.

It will be released to the public shortly after debuting at Sundance this year.

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