Before his untimely death at the age of 26, Mac Miller contributed a verse and hook on Seth Hirsch’s song “Say Goodbye.”

Seth officially dropped the track for everyone to hear on Wednesday (Feb. 13). Produced by Nottz, the melodic tune finds Seth and the 2011 XXL Freshman addressing the strain of being in a volatile relationship.

"I know I might be crazy, you might be wasting my time and Lord knows I try/So keep it real/Living with a heart that's broken/We know how that feel/We always caught up in the moment/And this ain't no drill/One shot, one kill/Just pop one pill/You'll be good in a moment," he raps.

“The song’s about toxic relationships and dealing with someone whose shitty towards [you], sucks up all your energy, and keeps taking advantage of your time and emotions," Seth told Audiomack of the song. "But after Mac passed away, I realized this song was about a lot more than that. It’s really about struggling to say goodbye to our personal demons and the chains they put on us."

"That night we got the news about Mac, Nottz and I were in the studio just listening to his verse a cappella and it gave me chills," continued Seth.

Listen to Seth Hirsch's song "Say Goodbye" featuring the late Mac Miller below.

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