Yea I said it, Tupac is featured on Tyga's newest single 'Hit Em Up' alongside Jadakiss. Tyga is making a statement before the release of his album next week with an appearance from Pac. Is the music world safe when classic artists can rap from the grave? 

The advancement of technology has made some major feats when it comes to Tupac, now Tyga has a single with the slain legendary Death Row artist. In an interview with MTV News, Tyga explained how he made all of this happen:

"I sent it to Jadakiss and after that I was done with the song and then I had came across some 'Pac vocals from a friend," Tyga continued, detailing the process on how his song came together. "I was like, 'Man this would be dope,' but I didn't really know how to use it properly."

Tyga eventually figured out how to incorporate the Shakur sample, but wouldn't reveal exactly how he did it, leaving us to have to wait until April 9 when Hotel California is released. "When people hear it they're gonna think it's real clever and they're gonna really respect it," he promised.


We have the finished track ready for you to hear, a week before the release of Tyga's lastest album, Hotel California. Listen below and catch Tyga and Pac going back and forth -- classic 90's ish

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