New overtime rules put in place by the White House will now require employers to pay overtime to a much larger section of workers than they currently have to.

The effort is designed to help the middle class, but is also helping more workers get paid for the hours they actually work.

The new guidelines say that any worker making less than $47,476 a year must be paid overtime hours for anything above the standard 40 hour work week.

That will add about 4.2 Million eligible workers according to The White House press release.  It also says that 35% of salaried workers will now be able to earn overtime pay.  The scary thing is that this number currently stands at 7% of salaried workers.  The new rules will go into effect on December 1st.

There are definitely plenty of work places where salaried workers put in many weeks over 40 hours.  This will send a shock wave through many companies that just expect workers to work until the job is done.