The Planet 3 Extreme Air Park is going to be your chance to get jumping in Genesee County next year.

The announcement was made that the new trampoline park would be opening inside the old Best Buy/Great Lakes Power Sports building on Miller Road in 2018.

The video above isn't the official preview of the new Planet 3 Extreme Air Park, but it gives a pretty good idea of what the 20,000 square foot facility will look like when it does open.

Right now the target date for opening will be early 2018, and the air park should create around 40 new jobs in the area.

I have taken my kids to similar air parks, and they are a lot of fun. I was one of the idiots who thought that I could just run out there and start doing flips on flips on flips. About 10 minutes into jumping, I basically needed to sit my butt down and rethink my life. The trampolines are a ton of fun, but it's hard work too. Don't walk in thinking that you're just going to bounce your cares away.  That works for kids, but as an adult, be ready for a workout.

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