Over the weekend a family gathering in New York City became violent after too many drinks.  A NYC man was finally arrested after he stabbed his siblings and locked himself in his room.  Family always argue and have differences but rarely does things become violent and potentially fatal.  Another story of the crazies.

On Saturday Arturo Diaz became sloppy drunk with his brother and sister and things got out of hand.  Diaz had too many drinks and quickly started arguing with his brother.  The argument got heated so Diaz sister tried to intervene to calm the situation.

Instead of the situation going to bad to sober, it turn bad to worse.  Diaz took a 12 inch blade and stabbed both sister and brother.  After violently attacking the people he grew up with, Diaz locked himself in his room and would not leave the apartment.  Police were called to the scene.  Police finally were able to detain and arrested the crazy family member.

If you have siblings, there has been times where you wanted to get violent with them.  Some of us have taken it fights but at the end of the day, I don't think we meant to seriously hurt them.  We love our siblings and wish that no one will hurt them but if they upset us, it is on!

Leave a comment below about a time when you have or wanted to fight your siblings.  This could get interesting if you share this with your kinfolk.

via NYDailyNews