Ladies you might want to put your boxing gloves on because it looks like Nicki Minaj just may have captured the heart of Nas.

Earlier this year, rumors began to circulate that Queens natives Nas and Nicki had something going on. They rumors were further fueled when Nicki played coy during an appearance on Ellen.

“He’s dope. He’s the king. He’s such a king,” she told Ellen back in May. “He is the king of Queens and I’d like to think I’m the queen of Queens… well, he’s a rap legend, so let’s just say I have a lot of respect for him and you know, he’s kind of cute, too.”

When Ellen asked Nicki if they had any sleepovers, she admitted that she and Nas have had “sleepovers,” but they haven’t done “the nasty.”

Recently, Nas celebrated his 44th birthday (which is today) and Nicki made the guest list.

In two short clips that were released on The Shade Room's Instagram, you can see that Nicki is not only present at the birthday party but Nas is showing her a whole lot of attention. In the first clip, Nicki is seen singing "Happy Birthday" to Nas while being tightly hugged under his arm.

But it's the second clip that is making everyone raise their eyebrows. It begins with Nas showering Nicki with a bunch of kisses. It's clear the birthday boy is under the influence as he states, "Everybody in rap is p----" while kissing Nicki.

Only time will tell if these two are really a couple. Watch the clip above of Nas kissing Nicki.


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