Nicki Minaj isn't holding back on Rick Ross anymore.

After he pulled up to Queen Radio yesterday, Nicki Minaj returned the favor to Joe Budden by appearing on The Joe Budden Podcast that same night. On Wednesday (Aug. 14), the "Case Study" episode debuted, featuring the Young Money rapper sitting down with Joe, Rory and Mal. During their conversation, Minaj responds to Rozay's bars from his 2017 song "Apple of My Eye."

Getting to the point about "Apple of My Eye," Nicki Minaj, who toured Europe earlier this year, set the scene and described a time herself and Rozay apparently met with former President Obama in the White House. Nicki says she brought up the topic of her then-boyfriend Meek Mill's probation.

"I went and sat down in a meeting with Obama, President Obama and Ross was there and texted dude after the meeting like, 'Yo, this chick is a keeper,'" Nicki told Budden. "I saw the text myself with my own eyes. 'This chick is a keeper. She went in a room full of rappers and spoke to Obama and the first thing out of her mouth was about you and figuring out your probation situation and why you're still on probation after all these years.' And then you come out on an album when it's time to sell some weak ass fucking album and try to disrespect Nicki Minaj. What?"

The song in question appeared on Ross' 2017 album, Rather You Than Me. On the song, Ross raps, “I told Meek I wouldn't trust Nicki/Instead of beefin' with your dog, you just give 'em some distance." At the time of the album's release, Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj's much-publicized relationship had already ended.

Although Ross and the head Barb-in-charge have linked up on songs like 2011's "You The Boss," Rozay appeared to have made it clear in his verse whose side he was on. Towards the end of her rant, Minaj also mentions Ross' revived beef with 50 Cent.

"And now you trying to disrespect 50? Try and hope that 50 would respond to your nonsense this time? Boy, sit yo fat ass down," Nicki said.

For his part, 50 Cent responded to Nicki's name-drop through his Instagram account hours later. In the post, for which he uploaded video of Nicki's comments, 50 had some fun.

"Nicki be blacking out on these niggas," Fif wrote in the caption. "LOL and she will have the Makks on they head. #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac."

As of this report, Rick Ross has not responded to Minaj. Check out the audio clip from Nicki Minaj's appearance on The Joe Budden Podcast below. See 50's response to Nicki's comments beneath that.

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