Nicki Minaj called into Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning recently and talked about new music, working with Remy Ma and her boyfriend Meek Mill's recent beefs.

At one point during the conversation, Ebro asked The Pinkprint creator if she helps Meek pick songs to release and whether she gives him a lot of input or not.

According to the Queen Barbz, sometimes she'll make suggestions, like she did with their collaborative cut "All Eyes on Me," because initially the Philly spitter didn't want to use the song, but he later changed his mind.

There are other times, however, where Mill doesn't clue his girlfriend in on his releases, especially if its a battle tune.

"A lot of times I'm in the studio, so I'm hearing everything, and I always tell him what I love," said Nicki.

"I can't hide that. When he plays me something I love I'm super excited, but there are times where he doesn't share with me what he's about to do, especially when it's like battle rap stuff. He'll go in and just do him and then I'll react like a fan," she added.

Despite being a fan of her man's music, Nicki said she's tired of all the beefs he's involved in, since he's been in back-to-back confrontations with Drake, The Game and most recently Beanie Sigel.

"I think everybody's over [the beefing]," she stated. "I mean come on. It's pretty played out. It's over, but I feel your sometimes put in a position, and you react, and it is what it is."

"If n----- got your name in their mouth for a year or two, then thank them, because if you come with great music after all that, then none of that matters. Social media has give so much power to irrelevant s---."

You can watch the Nicki Minaj's interview with Ebro in the Morning above.

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