As a kid growing up No Limit Records was my favorite record label. Up to a certain point they could do no wrong. They had all the talent, the best beats, and of course they had Hip Hop master mind Master P behind the tank.I have always said next to Def Jam No Limit Records is the bet rap label ever.

Yes that is including Bad Boy and Death Row, Master P did the most with less talent.

One of the rappers that caught my attention and pretty much everyone else in the rap world was Mckinley Phipps Jr a.k.a. "Mac".

In 2001, Mac was sentenced to 30 years in prison after being convicted of manslaughter.

After Being sentenced to 30 years of prison, it is looking like that Mac may be released due to allegations of prosecutors withholding evidence.

The Huffington Post released a report this week that says that jurors at the 2001 trial did not get the full story and vital evidence was not given to Phipps’ defense attorney.

The report claims that the jury “never heard the testimony of Jerry Price, who says Tillison [the key witness in the case] was outside Club Mercedes in Slidell, where the concert took place, and couldn’t have seen the shooting.”

This is going to b very interesting to see how this plays out.