This is too funny but a NYC CEO will pay you $100 a day to review public restrooms.  I can't make this up people.  If you're in the NYC area, you should look into the toilet for some money. 

According to Newser, Michael Li is looking for people review public restrooms for his website ToiletFinder.  The website will let people know where the nearest restroom in in NYC.  Li is asking candidates to submit their funny reviews to his website and if they make him laugh, they'll get $20.

If you the reviewer is able to do a good job, Li will pay them $100 a day to write reviews.  I think if you're unemployed in NYC, this is a great job.  The bad part about the gig is that you won't enjoy the toilet scene.  Would you apply for this job if it were in Flint? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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