Earlier this week I got an email from Grand Blanc High School Principal Michael Fray which was sent to all the parents. It described an ignorant Tik Tok trend that is causing damage to high school bathrooms across the country including Grand Blanc.

The Tik Tok trend is what students refer to as "devious licks" which means students are supposed to steal something or do something malicious to their school and post it on the social media site with the hashtag #devious-lick.

I asked my kid if he knew anything about it, and he said everyone in the school knows about it. He said kids are stealing the soap dispensers, stealing toilet paper, clogging toilets, and someone even ripped the sink off the wall. So basically kids are destroying the bathrooms at their school.

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Michael Fray GBHS Principal:

Good evening-
I am disappointed to have to send a note about this to all of our families as I know that it is likely directed at a small portion of our student body. However, I am hoping that many of our students share in my frustrations regarding the current TikTok School bathroom challenge. The challenge has led to students throughout the country intentionally damaging and destroying school bathrooms. Over the past week we have had 8 soap dispensers removed from bathroom walls, numerous toilets intentionally clogged and various other acts of malicious destruction.

The letter/email went on to say that if kids are caught doing this they would be suspended and charged criminally with malicious destruction of property.

At the end of the day, kids are dumb and they do dumb things. Hopefully, this is a trend that is short lived.

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