I don't know anyone who saw this coming but Paula Deen's racial discrimination lawsuit has been thrown out of court.  The lawsuit that ruined her career and public image, was ultimately beaten down by the southern belle's lawyers. 

Lisa Jackson filled a lawsuit against Deen and her brother for producing a workplace that allowed sexual and racial discrimination.  Jackson, who is a white woman, thought the racial slurs were too vicious for her because she had two nieces that are African-American bi-racial.

Deen's lawyers claimed in June that Jackson's claims were to far fetch because she was never discriminated against. Basically, she's white so how could Deen have been racists towards her.

The judge threw the lawsuit out of court and Paula Deen is walking away with a small sigh of relief.  She has lost everything because of this woman's lawsuit.  I do not feel sorry for Deen but do feel like she got the raw deal.

Do you think because the lawsuit is thrown out Paula Deen will get back on top?  Leave your thoughts below in the comment section.

via Gawker