I'm not sure that they type of car a person drives can really determine weather or not they will cheat, but AshleyMadison.com says different.

According to a survey by Ashley Madison, the website that caters to people looking for affairs, men who cheat on their wives are most likely to drive TOYOTAS.  Women who cheat are most likely to drive HONDAS.

In the top 10 cars for both genders, there aren't many luxury cars, which A.M. says shouldn't be a surprise to most people.

The top 10 cars for men having affairs are:  Toyota, Ford, Chevy, Honda, BMW, Dodge, Nissan, Jeep, GMC, and Mercedes.

The top 10 cars for women having affairs are:  Honda, Ford, Toyota, Chevy, Mercedes, Nissan, Chrysler, Dodge, BMW, and Volkswagen.

How does that compare to your experience with a cheater?