The term '808' can mean a lot of things in society, but in music, it represents something more than magical. The Roland TR-808 drum machine has changed the face, sound, and reception of music over the past 30 years, and it's finally getting the tribute that it deserves. While it might just seem like a technological contraption to most, some of your favorite producers have created masterpieces using it throughout their careers.

Apple Music just released the trailer for their upcoming documentary 808, which will dive into the history of the music-making machine. Not only does it take viewers and fans back to the days of the machine's early beginnings in the industry, but the documentary also features some legends speaking on its impact. Pharrell, Questlove, Rick Rubin, and many more make appearances in the film, where they speak on how important the TR-808 has been to their creative juices when it comes to making and producing music.

The documentary doesn't just cover the hip hop era of the 808's usage, however, as they also touch base on the electronic world. Diplo, Goldie, and some members of New Order also sit down to speak on the drum machine, and how it's helped shape their own sound and legacies.

The documentary is narrated by Zane Lowe, and is set to come to Apple Music on December 9th. For now, get a tease of what's to come in the trailer for the film above.

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