The Detroit Pistons are parting ways with Reggie Jackson as the house cleaning process is in full swing.

The Pistons were not able to get anything for Jackson, and ended up just buying out his contract. He is expected to sign with the Clippers, and join their guard rotation as they make a championship push.

This is a good news / bad news situation for the Pistons. The good news is that Reggie needed to be out of Detroit. He never fit with the team, and never produced the way we all hoped he would. The bad news is that the Pistons wasted a lot of time and money with Jackson's 5 year, $80 Million contract. Now they have nothing to show for it since injuries kept him off the floor a lot over the last couple of seasons.

This is far from the end of the Pistons roster shuffling. I would try to speculate who is going to stay in Detroit, but the overall feeling is that nobody is guaranteed to be in the motor city next season. Detroit has some young talent, but with Griffin out, there is no superstar for them to revolve around.

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Detroit is going to miss the playoffs, and will most likely end up with a decent draft pick, but our roster problems won't be fixed in the draft.

Who do you think should be the number one player Detroit chases this off season?

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