A Playboi Carti show in NYC ended abruptly after the rapper only performed a few songs. He is blaming the botched set on technical difficulties.

On Friday night (Oct. 11), Carti was slated to perform at the Great Hall in Brooklyn, N.Y. According to some people in attendance, things didn't go as planned. The "Magnolia" rapper reportedly got to the venue a couple hours late. When he did show up, he is said by fans in attendance to have performed only three songs before calling it a day. But not before sounding off onstage.

"I love you so much. Whole Lotta Red coming soon," he told the crowd. "Fuck this fucking venue. I can't do this. I love you so fucking much, I swear to God. Please remember this shit. I want everybody in this bitch to get the fuck outta here and go the fuck home. This shit is over."

The rapper then tossed his mic before exiting the stage.

Needless to say, some fans were upset.

"Playboi carti after making people sit through 3 hours of shitty dj sets and coming out to play 3 songs," someone captioned the famous "Ight Ima Head Out" Spongebob meme.

Playboi Carti has since hopped on social media to explain himself.

"I would never just leave you in the dark. It was not my fault," he wrote on his Instagram Story. "Technical diff the whole time so I moved it back an hour then it got worst and honestly my feelings is hurt. I wanted to do some evil things to whoever was in charge but I didn't. Everything still ends up my fault. I love you."

See his full explanation below.

PlayboiCarti via Instagram
PlayboiCarti via Instagram

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