Wisconsin completed the Michigan sweep this weekend beating CMU, U of M and MSU, and they're demanding the Upper Peninsula as a reward.

The Badgers came into the season fairly underrated by many college football experts, but they're proving everyone wrong on the field. They have handily beaten all three Michigan teams they've faced this year, and now they want the U.P. back.

I wish I had a great comeback for the Badgers, but they kind of have a point.

In fact, their message was received so clearly by the Upper Peninsula, that they officially changed their Twitter handle to UpperPeninsulaofWisconsin. Then they followed with a series of hilarious tweets about their new home.

The UP has even changed the name of a few ex-Michigan schools.

This is all fun and games right now, but I guarantee if the Packers beat the Lions tonight on Monday Night Football, these will be national headlines.

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