The police in Madison, Wisconsin arrested a man for trying to impress his friends by standing on a cop car.  Please join me in declaring the idiot of the day.

When you have true friends, you really don't have to impress them.  They already like you and don't mind hanging out with you.  This group of friends are a little suspect on the homie meter.

Zachary Zweifel, 23 years old, decided to show off for his crew by standing on a cop car he found park and unattended in a neighborhood.  Zachary took the opportunity and went nuts.  While on top of the car, Zweifel decided to run from the truck to the hood several times making a lot of noise.

On-foot patrolling officers heard the racket and quickly responded.  When they arrived to  the cop car, they immediately arrested Zachary.  The idiot of the day was charged with criminal property damaged allegedly causing $1000 in damages.  When arrested Zach spilled the beans.

"He was apologetic later," a police spokesman said yesterday, "saying he was 'just trying to impress my friends.'"

I don't think anyone would have thoughts this was going to be funny.  Showing off for your friends is like reliving high school.  Our society is too busy trying to gain the acceptance of others instead of just being happy.  I really hope this kid learned his lesson and get some real friends.

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