Earlier this week Michigan State Police rescued 134 neglected dogs from a puppy mill in the Upper Peninsula.

According to WNEM, troopers were sent to check on a horse in the roadway, which ended in busting a local puppy mill.

There were 65 adult dogs, many of which were pregnant or recently had a litter of puppies. As a matter of fact, there were 69 puppies collected as well from the residence in Delta County’s Maple Ridge Township. As you would expect from a place like this, some of the dogs were in poor health and covered in flies.

If you're anything like me, your blood is starting to boil as you read this. The whole thing just makes me sick.

Troopers were assisted by the Delta County Animal Shelter in taking and housing the dogs.

Delta County Animal Shelter:

We will begin bathing and grooming. These dogs are scared- they’ve never been inside- never on a leash. We will continue to post updates and how you can help. Right now the thing we need the most is monetary donations for their medical care.

A lot of times when people buy a dog or puppy they have no idea it's coming from a puppy mill because the low life breeders will meet buyers at offsite locations or will sell them to pet stores online.

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