Police in Hammond are under investigation after a video of an officer smashing open a car window and using a taser on the passenger was released.

The absolute worst part of this entire incident is that there were 2 children in the back seat during the entire incident.

The traffic stop starts out routine enough, but things escalate quickly when the passenger reached into his bag to get his ID.  The police pulled their guns out when they saw him do that, and eventually asked him to get out of the car.

The man politely refused, and the police became increasingly aggravated.

Eventually they decided to break out the window of the car and taser the passenger . . . because. . . .

Well, there's the problem.  There is no good reason why they would do that.

Incidents like this are disgusting, and seem to happen way too often.  I'm guessing that most people will be quick to bring race into the issue, but I think it's a power struggle.  The victims talked to news stations about it.

It's a shame that more police can't take the time to realize that they are here to protect and serve the community.  There should be more police officers out there like the one below.


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