Perhaps the best way to handle an unruly kid, especially if it is not your own, is to blast the little pecker-gnat in face with a stun gun. Now, while this disciplinary method is frowned upon by more stable members of civil society, that did not stop a Michigan school bus driver from arming herself with one of those electric self defense mechanisms in case of trouble.

A report from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office indicates that officers were called to Zorn’s Garage earlier this week, after the shop discovered a taser on a school bus. Not knowing exactly the protocol to follow for this type of situation, the garage put in a call to Superintendent Richard Carsten, who reported the shocking find to police.

When police questioned the driver, she said that her boyfriend had given her the stun gun to keep on the bus in the event a situation got out of hand. Authorities say they have no reason to believe the bus driver has ever used the taser on a child, but those of us who had edgy bus drivers back in the day understand that at least one situation has come up where she has waved that stun gun around and threaten to zap some dumbass kid in the face. We guarantee it!


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