It's the season of giving and getting your porch packages snatched as the Detroit Police Department has arrested a suspect that allegedly had over 41 stolen porch packages in his possession!

I can't understand what type of mentality you need to steal someone's hard-earned money and time during this time of year. I've had this happen to me before a few times. It was one time that a FedEx driver literally handed me an open package and said, "Sorry, this happens a lot".  Not only was I upset that I potentially just got robbed by my delivery guy, but the time it took for that package to come literally took a piece of my soul.  So to see law enforcement take this matter very seriously brings a tear to my eye.

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A suspect is in custody after police discovered 41 stolen packages in a vehicle during a traffic stop. According to the Detroit Police Department, Officers Corey Davis and Malcom Jackson were heading northbound on Greenfield, approaching West McNichols around 3:40 a.m. Wednesday.

Reports say that all 41 packages had different Farmington addresses on them and the driver couldn't explain why. I would have loved to see the expression on that guy's face when he couldn't answer the officer's simple line of questioning. The suspects were arrested and taken to a Detroit detention facility.

Be on the lookout this holiday season and every holiday going forward. Online purchases are the future and we have to start developing better habits when it comes to taking our deliveries.  One Youtuber Mark Rober got so upset about his packages being stolen that he actually built a glitter bomb device to prank/ catch porch pirates and it's the greatest thing ever! I

Check out the video below of porch pirates getting actually what they deserve!

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