Post Malone has shared some interesting things about himself during the press run for his new album, Twelve Carat Toothache. The "Wow" rhymer recently revealed another surprising fact, which includes that most of his lyrics come from a smelly place.

On Monday (June 13), The Howard Stern Show released video of their recent sit-down with Posty, in which the recording artist confesses that he pens most of his lyrics while pushing P, and the P stands for poop in this situation.

"Shit literally comes to me, because I write all my songs on the can," Post Malone admitted at the 1:25-mark of the video, when asked if he gets inspiration from video games.

"I say about 30 percent of all my albums have been written on the shitter. And I'd say 60 percent of lyrics have been written on the shitter," Post added, confessing that he can spend up to two hours creating on the commode.

"I have a special notepad off to the side where I can write my shit," he added. "It's my special zone. ’Cause no one wants to come talk to you while you're taking a shit."

Post Malone has been making his rounds in promo of his new album, which failed to land at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart. Last week, Post revealed that he smokes up to 45 cigarettes a day on average, with his record being 80 in a 24-hour period. He also announced the birth of his daughter and his engagement to his partner.

See Post Malone explaining his music-writing process below.

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